Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weird people (puro sa jeep)

passenger 1:

slowly removes his phone from its cloth cover but only halfway. i thought he was only checking the time since only the screen is showing, but then he started texting a full sentence, then another and then even sent it. can't help looking, i was just beside him and i don't know if he's practicing how to text when he becomes blind or if he thinks it's cool texting that way. O_o

passenger 2:

singing along (and very loud, pang-amateur) to a song on a radio 5 meters away from us, so you could imagine that we can barely hear it, but thanks to him we pretty much can memorize the entire song by now. "and we're just another piece of the puzzleeeeeeeee....just another part of the plannnnnn...."  = LSS

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